Three ladies with Jew's-harps and one guy with a tambourine. Latter has additionally a gift for throat singing. When they are together, they can produce poweful and unique music... The reason is simple. They imitate all sounds of Yakutia.

Ayarkhaan - jew's harp band from Yakutia

21 July 2006 - Ayarkhaan at Riddu Riddu: Indigenous music rocks northern Norway >>>

Group leader: Albina Degtyareva >>>

1. Promo Trailer (video + info about the band in English).avi (20.8 Mb) download >>>

2. Promo Audio File (jew's-harp music sample).mp3 (3.82 Mb) download >>>

Ayarkhaan - ethnic jew's harp band from Yakutia

Ethnic band "Ayarkhaan"

Sounds of ancient land of Olonkho

Dobun duoraan

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