Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich

Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich is a teacher of the highest category, the head master of the author’s school of khomus making, of the Namsky pedagogical college, the excellent teacher of Russian Federation, and the honored schoolteacher of the Sakha Republic of Russia (Yakutia).

He was born in Batagaisky nasleg of Ust-Aldansky district in 1942. He graduated from Dupsy secondary school in 1962. He served in the Army since 1962 till 1965. After that Innokenty Nikitich worked at primary school. He graduated from the Yakut State University and became a Yakut language and literature teacher in 1972. Since 1970 he had been working as a teacher at the second Khomustakh secondary school of Namsky ulus.

Since 1970 he had been working as a teacher at the second Khomustakh secondary school of Namsky ulus. In 1994 he began to work at the Nam sky pedagogical college.

Innokenty Nikitich has a qualification of a car driver, a tractor, a welder, a khomus manufacture and a teacher.

In 1994 the Republic special council awarded him with the honorary title of "National master" as a maker of Yakut national vargan instrument - khomus.

In 1980 he was rewarded with the medal "The excellence of education of Russian Federation". In 1991 he became a specialist in teaching methods.

Innokenty Nikitich is a rationalizer of the agricultural equipment - certificates 5, 1992, and 7, 1993. He is a participant of the first and second congresses and a diplomant of the third world congress of vargan music. He is the author of the book "Gotovtsev's khomus". In 1993 Innokenty Nikitich was awarded the title of the honored school teacher of Sakha Republic (Yakutia). He is the owner of the S. Gogolev - Amynnyky uus Grand Prize of the republican competition of khomus makers.

In 1997 he was a laureate of the Europe vargan festival in Oslo, Norway.

In 1999 Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich organized his own khomus school (The order of the Ministry of Education of the republic of Sakha Yakutia of the 1st of June 1999).

He is the author of two inventions in making of Yakut khomus (patent of Russian Federation, 1998).

Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich is the teacher of technical disciplines, the honored teacher of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) the excellent teacher of education of Russian Federation, the national master.

Innokenty Nikitich is a man of rare capacity for work and firmness of purpose. He is an active supporter of healthy life. He is engaged in hardening himself, he makes respiratory training exercises.

For 35 years he has been working as a teacher and for 15 years as a teacher of Yakut language and literature.

Innokenty Nikitich lives with his wife Matrena Alexeevna, they brought up one daughter and four sons, they have ten grand-children.

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