Very interesting jew's harp for advanced players!
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25 september 2006
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1 october 2005
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 Jew's harp by master Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich

Yakutian mouth harp, master: Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich Yakutian khomus, master: Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich Yakutian jew's harp, master: Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich

Master: Gotovtsev Innokenty Nikitich, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Tongue length: 80 mm
Material: steel
Basket: khomus + wooden pack
Description: Jew's harps of this master are ones of the best jew's harps at the present time. Due to some khow-how of this master these jew's harps have the most strong, loud, deep and long sound. When you play this khomus you feel the vibrations of its tounge with all your skull, the shapes of the things around you blur. The spectrum of different sounds and overtones is very big. There are a lot of techniques and tricks how to play Gotovtsev's jews harps and this makes them interesting for advanced players.
Price:$ 200
Shipping:$ 10
Listen to demo sounds: Concert record. Performer - P. Ogotoev:   one
Home record. Performer - N. Sobolev: one   two   three   four   five  
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