Unique jew's harps
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khomus.ru  Regulable jew's harps from master Gotovtsev Innokentiy Nikitich.

Regulable khomus. Master Gotovtsev Innokentiy Nikitich.


Master: Gotovtsev Innokentiy Nikitich, Sakha Republic of Russia (Yakutia)
Tongue length: 85 mm
Material: steel
Basket: jew’s harp + box made of nodule
Description: As it is known the sound of jew’s harp depends on size of gap between the tongue and the external cheeks of jew’s harp. The gap of this unique khomus is regulable and it allows you to change the sound of the khomus. To our opinion the jew's harps of this master are the best jew's harps at the present time. Due to some know-how of this master these jew's harps have the most strong, clear and deep sound. Here you can see other exclusive works of this master.
Price: $350 (sold)
Shipping: $USD 15.00
Demo music: one  two  three 

We also have another regulable jew's harp which we are going to sell after the first one. The main difference is that the second jew's harp is packed in wooden box.


Tongue length: 80 mm
Basket: jew’s harp + wooden box
Price: $525 (sold)
Shipping: $USD 15.00
Demo music: one  two  three