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Book about khomus
The book of Spiridon Spirodonovich Shishigin "Play the khomus" is now shared in the book section. Begin to read >>>
25 september 2006
Unique regulable jew's harp
Two unique jew's harps from master Gotovtsev I. N. See more.
7 february 2006
New jew's harp music
A lot of new jew's harp music is shared in our music section. Listen, get new impressions and ideas!
4 january 2006
PayPal is now available
Now it's enough just to click PayPal "Buy Now" buttons to order and buy any jew's harp in our Shop section.
10 october 2005
New jew's harp music collections
are added in the Music section. You can find there the album of Pyotr Ogotoyev "Play, my khomus" (16 tracks), jew's harp music collection of Valeriy Eroshev (35 tracks), the album "Vargan" of Robert Zagretdinov (29 tracks), and some other tracks.
1 october 2005
Now in English
The english virsion of the began its work. Hurrah!
1 september 2005
 Musical section
This section is devoted to jew's harp music and not only to it. Jew's harp goes very well together with a lot of other very different instruments and we think that such music is noteworthy not less than just jew's harp music.

1. Friends from Holland - Steven and Danibal 01.mp3 (2.85 Mb) download
2. Friends from Holland - Steven and Danibal 02.mp3 (1.29 Mb) download
3. Vladisvar Nadishana - Khomus.mp3 (1.38 Mb) download source
4. Vladisvar Nadishana - Kuzhebar traditional homus tune.mp3 (761 Kb) download source
5. Vladisvar Nadishana - Kou Ksiang (chinese jew's harp).mp3 (4.48 Mb) download source
6. Vladisvar Nadishana - Dan moi (vietnamese jew's harp).mp3 (834 Кb) download source
7. Sergey Markov - Drum&Vargan.mp3 (3.9 Mb) download source
8. Sergey Markov - So!.mp3 (3.7 Mb) download source

Collection of records with jew's harps taking part.

Pyotr Ogotoyev is well-khown yakutian jew's harp player, honoured artist of Russia. Here is some of his improvisations from the album "Play, my khomus".

Music of city shamans, Moscow city

Altai singer and musician Nogon, from the Katun river. Traditional music and throat singing. The instruments used: topshur, karkiraa, dombra, khomus.

Robert Zagretdinov - well-known jew's harp player. Folk music and improvisations. Album "Vargan".

One day we met three together - Sergei (Dzian Senaro), Egor and Kolyan, and... no, we didn't deside to drink some vodka, as you propably thought! :) We desided to play the yakutian khomuses. Segrei recorded all our improvisations and now you may listen to our creations.
Khomuses (jew's harps)
By master Gotovtsev
By master Prokopiev
By master Mikhailov
By master Mandarov
S. S. Shishigin "Play the khomus"

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